Best Rated Backpack Vacuum Cleaners

The idea of walking around my home with a bulky machine strapped to my back just seemed so ridiculous which is why I never purchased a backpack vacuum cleaner.

After years of owning inflexible upright cleaners and canister cleaners that were just too tedious for hardwood flooring, I decided it was time to look for the best hardwood floor vacuum out there. I was faced with a dilemma though because never having owed one I didn’t know where to start; this is the list I compiled of the top 5 backpack vacuum cleaner currently available to help me decide.

Know Where to Start

If a backpack cleaner is too heavy or uncomfortable just back away, a good machine is one that is light weight, well balanced on your shoulders and practically makes no sound. These are the cleaners that I tested and tried before making my choice.

Oreck PRO6

The PRO6 weighs about 10lbs so it’s very lightweight and the package includes 5 tools:

  • A reversible angle hose.
  • 2 piece wand.
  • A two stage whisper motor.
  • Its cord is 50ft long so you can walk around your house easily.
  • The inside of the machine is insulated with waffle foam.

Oreck also offers a 12 month warranty so if anything goes wrong they will replace the entire machine.

GV 8 Qt

The GV 8 looks really stylish but since looks aren’t nearly enough these are its specs:

  • Like the Oreck it also weighs 10lbs but it actually looks much smaller.
  • Its cloth bag size is 8 quarts so its capacity is larger than the former machine however its cord at 25ft is not as long.
  • You can even clean leaks and spills easily with the GV because it sucks up a maximum of 98 inches of water.
  • Some of its attachments include a hose, power nozzle and brush-roll.

You won’t have to worry about damage for at least 2 years with the GV because you have the manufactures warranty.

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