Best Rated Backpack Vacuum Cleaners

The idea of walking around my home with a bulky machine strapped to my back just seemed so ridiculous which is why I never purchased a backpack vacuum cleaner.

After years of owning inflexible upright cleaners and canister cleaners that were just too tedious for hardwood flooring, I decided it was time to look for the best hardwood floor vacuum out there. I was faced with a dilemma though because never having owed one I didn’t know where to start; this is the list I compiled of the top 5 backpack vacuum cleaners from Hardwood Champ.

Know Where to Start

If a backpack cleaner is too heavy or uncomfortable just back away, a good machine is one that is light weight, well balanced on your shoulders and practically makes no sound. These are the cleaners that I tested and tried before making my choice.

Oreck PRO6

The PRO6 weighs about 10lbs so it’s very lightweight and the package includes 5 tools:

  • A reversible angle hose.
  • 2 piece wand.
  • A two stage whisper motor.
  • Its cord is 50ft long so you can walk around your house easily.
  • The inside of the machine is insulated with waffle foam.

Oreck also offers a 12 month warranty so if anything goes wrong they will replace the entire machine.

GV 8 Qt

The GV 8 looks really stylish but since looks aren’t nearly enough these are its specs:

  • Like the Oreck it also weighs 10lbs but it actually looks much smaller.
  • Its cloth bag size is 8 quarts so its capacity is larger than the former machine however its cord at 25ft is not as long.
  • You can even clean leaks and spills easily with the GV because it sucks up a maximum of 98 inches of water.
  • Some of its attachments include a hose, power nozzle and brush-roll.

You won’t have to worry about damage for at least 2 years with the GV because you have the manufactures warranty.

Hoover C2401

The Hoover is the only one of these machines that has a clear lid so you can see how much dirt you’ve collected and when it’s nearly at capacity (6.4 quart bag). At 9.2lbs is weighs a little less than the vacuums mentioned earlier and it comes with these attachments:

  • A hose and a metal wand which has two pieces.
  • A floor tool and a crevice tool.
  • A dusting brush and an upholstery tool.

Electrolux Sanitaire EUKSC412A

  • The Electrolux comes with a variety of 1 inch attachments and it is probably the quietest among these 5 cleaners.
  • It has been designed with a four stage filtration system.
  • It too comes with a 2 year warranty.

Atrix VACBP1 Hepa

Like the Hoover the Atrix also uses a 4 stage filtration system, it weighs the standard 10lbs however, its bag capacity as compared to all the other machines is only 3 quarts. It is priced much lower than the other 4 contenders but what it lacks in capacity it makes up for in power.


All the specifications mentioned above are the main differences between these machines. Apart from the Oreck the other vacuum cleaners use a HEPA filtration system (Highly Efficient Particulate Air- I didn’t know what that meant either, basically it can suck up even bacteria and allergens).

The features that all 5 have in common are that they are highly efficient and very lightweight, so you don’t really mind carrying one around the house. Any one of these machines would clean up an entire room in less than 15 minutes and they can be used on tile, hardwood, rugs or even upholstery.

What’s even better is that they purr rather than rumble so you won’t be getting any noise complaints from your neighbors. Ultimately your deciding factors should be your budget and preferences in terms of look and style because with these machines you can reach even the deepest nooks and crannies to get rid of those pesky dust mites.