10 Tips For Choosing The Best Vacuum For Hardwood Floors

Dusts, here and there! They are almost everywhere. We can’t do anything about it unless we find a good best friend. Well, I am not talking about a loving friend who will sweep the hardwood floor for you. Hardwood FloorWhat I’m trying to tell you is that you should get a good vacuum cleaner or a better one, perhaps. If you think picking the best hardwood floor vacuum is an east task, you’re going to be in for a little surprise.

There are many brands available in various stores, centers and even online shops. Besides that, there are many types of cleaners. You have an upright, a canister, and even a robotic vacuum cleaner. If you’ve never heard of a robot vacuum before, you can learn more about them at Home Floor Experts. And among these types, a lot of models exist in each market. It is very confusing for us who just want a machine that does what it’s suppose to.

The vacuums that are ideal for your floor are very much different from the ones you can use for other floor types. Despite, its complexity, this job of choosing a vacuum is very essential especially if you want to maintain the cleanliness and glamor of your floor. Now, let’s have a heart to heart talk about what should be considered in order to pick the right vacuum worthy of our time and money. Here is a list of features that you we can take note of when searching for a cleaner that can maintain the luster and natural beauty of our floor.

Hardwood Stairs

10 Tips For Finding The Best hardwood Floor Vacuum

  1. No for beater brushes. The vacuum should not have this rotating cylinder with thick bristles. It will only scratch your floor.
  2. Go for a compact and easy to move one. A light weight buddy is easier to use than a heavy one. Moreover, the latter will probably leave scratches and scuff-marks on the surface of your floor.
  3. Look for a felt stripes and rubber padding. It is for preventing scratches.
  4. Must have double purpose – for sweeping and mopping. For hardwood cleaning, it is ideal if the vacuum does not have a wet feature. Water should not be left on the floor after finishing its mopping task. If you will leave water on this type of floor, the floor will be warped and damaged.
  5. Handheld ones are better for small wood floors. Large ones will most likely be difficult to use to clean corner areas. Handheld vacuums will be convenient to use since it is easy to clean difficult areas.
  6. High Suction power is better. It will be able to pick up every dirt and other substances including pet hairs if you own at least one or more pets at home.
  7. Ample supply of energy from its battery. A cordless vacuum cleaner should have a good battery. That battery should be able to supply power enough to clean a large area by using only a single charge.
  8. Canister types are suited for stairs. These types are more portable since it is lighter than the upright cleaners. In addition to that, these have wheels, which also prevent scratching by accident.
  9. Choose a vacuum that has been trusted for many years in the market. These vacuums are usually great because they remained in the industry for a long time. It means people are patronizing them.
  10. Choose vacuums that are affordable yet great quality. You can do this by visiting websites or visiting the stores around your place. You will surely find a good buy if you are patient and meticulous.

These are all the things that we need in order to find the vacuum cleaner suitable for our beloved hardwood floors. Now that you are fully equipped, you may now start to find your best buddy for your floors.