Top 5 Ways to Keep Hardwood Floors Clean And Shiny

Shiny Wood Flooring

Nobody really wants to clean. But in order to maintain the original quality and form of the items in our home, regular cleaning is required. Technology has certainly made it easier for us to handle the cleaning tasks that we have in our everyday life. However, when it comes to cleaning hardwood floors, no technology can replace the glory of manual cleaning.

Character and elegance are the main reasons why homeowners choose to install hardwood in their house. If you are interested in hardwood flooring, you also have to know the proper ways to clean it to maintain its elegance.

Wood is a beautiful, natural and stylish decorating material. This material is also highly susceptible to damages such as scratches and accumulated dirt. We may be under the impression that we are cleaning the surface but in reality, we neglect to check the gaps and cracks between the wood.

Here are some ways that you can properly clean and shine your hardwood flooring:

1. Dry Sweeping

Aside from sweeping the wooden floor, use a fine brush to remove the dust and small pebbles that may have stuck between the cracks and gaps of the floor. This requires extra effort because you have to check every possible gap or crack.

2. Damp Mopping

The floor ideally should not be made too wet or the water should not be splashed on the floor. In its place a mop could come to salvage. A wet mop would be a good option to have the dampening effect on the floor. It is important to remove the dust and debris before pulling the mop on the whole floor. Use a broom if it is manageable to clean off the dust or invest in a good vacuum cleaner.

3. Cleaning Detergents

Avoid over using cleaning agents to prevent subsequent damage to the wood. Mildew is the primary cause of damage on the wood. However, over usage of harsh chemicals that eliminates mildew can also become the source of the wood’s degradation. Take it easy on applying cleaning agents because it can deteriorate the wood as well. Under no circumstances should you use ammonia or wax-based cleaners, bleach, polish, oil soaps, or other harsh detergents on your delicate hardwood floors.

4. Vacuum

Use the bare floor setting on your canister vacuum to further remove dirt and debris once each week. Please do not vacuum your hardwood floors if your vacuum does not have the bare floor setting. The best vacuum for wood floors will have a setting that stops the vacuum’s beater bar from spinning, which is a critical need for such floors. The beater bar can do tremendous damage to wood flooring. If you need to vacuum deep into corners, use the soft brush attachment on your vacuum hose.

5. Annual Floor Sealing

Another important part of the upkeep for hardwood flooring is an annual sealing. This allows you to preserve the finish and natural color of the floor, but the sealer that you choose is important. Regardless of the brand, the sealer shouldn’t have any dyes mixed in, as this could alter the color of the floor, not enhance it. Apply the sealer to part of the wood for cleaning and, then, use a mop or rag to spread it evenly over the wood. Allow it to dry once spread all over the hardwood. Buff it, then, once the sealer is completely dry.

As a matter of fact, hardwood floor cleaning and maintenance is very easy if done correctly. All you need is good care, occasional deep hardwood floor cleaning, and consistent/correct maintenance to prevent dirt buildup and any accidental damage from happening. Cleaning is one way of avoiding the costly repairs and maintenance of the flooring.

Aside from cleaning hardwood floors, there are also some things that can be done to avoid damage on the floor. You can place area rugs or mats in every entry point to collect dirt and prevent it from being stuck in the wooden floor. Tiny particles such as pebbles are like sandpaper that scratches your floor. Always remember to shake out the rugs and mats regularly so that the accumulated dust would not stuck on the floor.